Why Pigs

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Sterling Hill Farm Pastured Pork

Most family farms start with a few chickens (and yes, we did that too). But before everything else, we knew we would be farming pigs. Pigs are amazing tillers & natural foragers. Our heritage breeds can live outdoors year round & are well suited to our climate.

They are perfect for what would usually be considered “Junky” farmland. Where some would see undesirable, unworkable land, we saw the perfect environment for pigs to thrive. Our Berkshire/Tamworth pigs are pastured on 1/2 acre lots, in a pig run totaling 5 acres of our farm. They are rotated to a new section every 10-12 days.

After they have done their job of rooting up the dirt, we do what is called a Mob Seeding. We have created our own custom seed mix, consisting of 26 varieties of grasses, legumes, clovers & vegetables. This mix is spread over the soil and worked in with the help of our little friends. Another bonus of rotational grazing is the perfect base layer of fertilizer (aka alllll the poo) that is naturally spread over the area.

The idea here is simple. In industrial farming crops are removed from the soil, and then more often than not, the land is left bare. Land that could be regenerating & sequestering carbon (pulling carbon from the atmosphere and putting it back into the soil) is left to do nothing but erode. By planting a hearty cover crop, we are protecting our soil which is the foundation of everything. Healthy soil means thriving plants, means well fed, nutrient dense protein, means healthier humans.

These seeds will grow to push nutrients back into the soil. They will help the earth retain moisture and prevent erosion. And, as an added bonus they will provide new and amazing forage for the pigs on their next pass through.

All in all, these happy, mud loving porkers are the perfect fit for Sterling Hill.