Changing Seasons | Sharing our Journey into Regenerative Agriculture

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Regenerative Agriculture

Thanksgiving is here & my how the year has flown by! So many milestones on the farm in our first year. We moved the pigs onto Lot 8 this morning & it got me thinking about how we ended up here. Truthfully, my journey down the Regenerative Agriculture rabbit hole only started this past winter. I was chatting with my brother-in-law about the garden I was planning and he asked me if I was doing a “No Dig” garden. Well, I hadn’t really researched No Dig so I figured I better have a look. Long story short, I really aced the No Dig part while leaving quite a bit to be desired in the “Growing” department! (more on that, and what we’ll be doing differently next year, another time).

In my search for info on No Dig, I discovered No Till Farming. That lead me to a great book by Gabe Brown called “Dirt to Soil”. It is an excellent read about how he was forced into No-Till Farming and the unexpected, yet amazing results he had. I was hooked at this point and had no doubt the direction our farm needed to go in. I stumbled upon the “Advancing Eco Agriculture” Podcast by John Kempf and what a treasure trove of information. Interviews with a wide array of doctors, scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs and even a guy who talked to plants! I was blown away listening to folks talk about soil biology, regenerative agriculture, plant nutrition, multi-species cover-cropping, holistic grazing, permaculture, the omega’s, restoring the earth’s fertility, climate change, keyline design and the list goes on! MIND . BLOWN.

We have a very limited window of opportunity here to change the course of history. All of us have a choice to make. From the folks in the big cities to those who own the mega farms, we all have work to do. Some of us will effect change with our hands in the dirt. Some of us with our voices as we share our experiences and teach others. And the loudest shout for change from all of us will be where we choose to spend our hard earned money. Even the city folk with no land of their own can make an impressive statement by supporting local farms who practice Regenerative Agriculture! We can take this opportunity and have future generations (I’m talking our current school age children) say we helped to make the world a garden of Eden again. Or, they can say we used up the last of our resources in pursuit of our right to consume as much as possible, the future be damned! I know what I choose.

The time for change is now, we can’t wait for the government to tell us what to do, or industry to change course on it’s own. Start small. Read a book like Mark Shepard’s “Restoration Agriculture” or Ben Falk’s “The Resilient Farm & Homestead”. Listen to John Kempf’s A.E.A Podcast. Watch The Biggest Little Farm, Minimalism, Kiss the Ground & The Social Dilemma. Then, all you have to do is follow your heart. Maybe you will end up on an old farm like us, with a herd of pigs, a flock of turkeys and dreams of changing the world! Or maybe you’ll just end up with some pasture raised bacon on your plate, and that’s ok too! On this thanksgiving day, I am thankful for you. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for (hopefully) believing in us at Sterling Hill Farm, and thank you for supporting us in our journey to make the world a better place!

I think I hear the turkeys calling, I’d better go. Until next time!
~ Brad

12 Comments on “Changing Seasons | Sharing our Journey into Regenerative Agriculture”

  1. Congratulations on your first blog, Brad. Eloquently said. Happy Thanksgiving from the “southern” relatives.

  2. Great read! Thank you for the book, movie & podcast recommendations. We’re cheering you on. Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃

  3. Great Read! I really enjoy following you guys and seeing what you are all up to everyday, you are achieving great things!
    Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours 🧡

  4. Totally inspiring! Can’t wait to soak up what you’ve learned and watch and participate in this journey – you’re doing a wonderful thing

  5. AMAZING! Thats what you guys are! Can not wait to read more!! I love seeing and hearing what you guys are up to!! Thankful for good friends!!

  6. Thanks to local EMT, Rebecca Dingman for directing me to you and your farm. First of all, congratulations on bringing your dream to fruition. Secondly- thanks for choosing our village to ‘set up shop’.
    Sterling Hill Farm is a timely inspiration and just what the planet needs more of.
    I look forward to eating your well loved food.
    Sending continued good juju your way.

    1. Thank you SO SO much for the lovely support Carrie. None of this would be possible without this awesome community. We’re so happy to be here and can’t wait to see what’s next for this farm and our little town!

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