Field Of Dreams | Pasture Raised Pork


Get out your slow cooker and get ready to enjoy The Field of Dreams Pastured Raised Pork box. This box includes some of our homestyle favourites, including a shoulder roast, picnic roast & smoked ham hocks.

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Home-style meals just got better with this Pasture Raised Pork of shoulder roast, picnic roast & smoked ham hocks.
Pull out your slow cooker or smoker and get ready for some seriously good food.

What will you get in this Pasture Raised Pork Box?
(approx. 9lb Box)
1 Shoulder Roast | Perfect For Carnitas!
1 Picnic Roast| A Favourite For Pulled Pork
Ham Hocks | Rich Flavour For Your Favourite Hearty Soup

Allergy Information
This Pasture Raised Pork Box is Gluten Free.
Ham is brined in a salt/sugar brine; using the minimum amount of sodium nitrates (required by law for food safety).
Smoked using Hickory Chips

All of our pork is pasture raised on our farm near Burk’s Falls ON. Our pigs eat a natural foraged diet of wild fruits, nuts, root vegetables, grasses, leaves & bugs. They have access to constant supply of fresh, untreated water & supplemental feed mix. They are raised free range with access to shelter, and given no antibiotics or hormones. Because of this more natural way of life, the meat is rich in flavour, well marbled & higher in healthy Omega-3’s. Learn more about our farming practices here.

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