Local Family Farm

Your Local Family Farm

Sterling Hill, your local family farm is located near Burk's Falls Ontario, on the outskirts of The Muskoka's and Algonquin Park. We are excited for the opportunity to become your farmers & bring regenerative farming to your table.


We're Brad & Lisa Elford, together with the help of our two young boys, we are working to bring you the best, pasture raised meat & farm fresh produce. We have big plans for this 100 acres and we can't wait to share that journey with you. Thank you for being here, supporting our journey & supporting the regenerative farming movement

Local Family Farm


The easy answer would be, for our children. After becoming parents, and looking around at the state of the world, we knew we needed to be part of a movement towards change. We are driven to raise our boys to know hard work, to love the outdoors & to appreciate and respect nature.


Sterling Hill Farm is a beautiful 100 acre property, full of magic, located near the village of Burk's Falls ON. The farm has seen hard times & was abandoned for 40+ years. It will take some time & a lot of hard work, but with the help of our animals we are excited for where this little farm will go!


To summarize our goals for the farm is no easy task. But at the forefront, the goal is to continue learning, to push past the norms, to ask questions, to look for answers & to continue to passionately work towards something better. A better lifestyle, better health for our family & community & a better understanding of food & farming.


We are always working to improve our farming methods, the health of our animals and the impact on the environment. Here are a few of the things we are doing to go above and beyond at Sterling Hill Farm. You will taste the difference & your body will feel it too!
Better food = Better life.

Be sure to give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram for tons of updates and day in the life on the farm scenes. We will also be working hard to update you on new prospects & projects over on the Farm Blog


Want to know more?

We believe that transparency is essential to doing better for our community. If you want to know more about what we're doing, how we're farming or what we can provide for you, please reach out!